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Welcome to the Signaling Pathways Project

The Signaling Pathways Project is a multi-omics knowledgemine based upon public, manually curated transcriptomic and cistromic (ChIP-Seq) datasets involving genetic and small molecule manipulations of cellular receptors, enzymes and transcription factors. Our goal is to create a resource where scientists can routinely generate research hypotheses or validate bench relevant to cellular signaling pathways. Learn more »


Browse, cite or download from the SPP archive of biocurated transcriptomic and ChiP-Seq datasets.

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Ask sophisticated questions of the SPP knowledgebase with a few clicks of a mouse: single gene targets, frequent gene targets of receptors, enzyme or transcription factors, GO terms and custom gene lists.

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Mine our universe of biocurated 'omics data points to generate hypotheses, validate data and test models

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